9/17 Adult Craft Camp: Yoga + Natural Dyeing - Earth and Sky Shibori


Sunday 9/17 • 10am-3pm

Private garden location in details upon registration

Indigo + The deep midnight Blue

Meets the earth

The warm tones of cutch

(+ surprise natural dyes)


Earth + Sky

Possibility and fruition

Inextricably linked


10-11am: in this all levels yoga practice with Rachael Crawford we will come back to the spacious ground of our being and stop trying to be less than what we are - through essential asana, movement, mudra & breath reconnect to your taproot.

11-2:30: Natural Dyeing with Indigo + Cutch:

•Learn the fundamentals of the historic Shibori pattern making process.

• Concentration on folded, tied and clamped resist

• Stitched Shiboro and pole-wrapping

• Dye natural fiber goods in a plant derived indigo vat and cutch vat

• Learn to create and maintain an indigo vat and cutch vat so that you are confident to dye at home!!

• one large hand towel, bandana, and muslin fabric, will be provided. 

• Feel free to bring one item to dye and please avoid bulky pieces (towels, linens, bedding etc.), as vat space and time are limited. Cellulose fibers (cotton, linen, rayon, ramie) accept the color the best. Please prewash item for best results.

No experiece is necessary! 

2:30-3: We’ll close craft camp with a guided meditation on the earth and beneath the sky with Rachael Kinsey~ establishing your place as the bridge between Heaven and Earth. When you become the fulcrum between polarities, you are in a position of power and able to move in any direction. It’s the difference between reacting and responding; here you are free to respond with balance and confidence.


Please wear something comfortable that you don’t mind spilling indigo dye on. Aprons are a good idea if you have one. 


•We will have some snacks on site but feel free to bring your own.

•Please bring 1 - 2 your pre-washed natural fiber items. Avoid large or bulky items as vat space and time are limited. 

•Water bottle

•yoga mat

We’ll have additional vintage + new items available for purchase. 


We are passionate about our planet and want to share why we use natural dyes. 

While synthetic indigo is much cheaper and readily available, using natural indigo is vital in keeping the tradition of natural dying alive. We use naturally derived indigo because we want all those who grow the plant and process it into dyestuff to be able to continue to do their important work. 


About Rachael Crawford:

Rachael Crawford leads yoga & massage trainings, play-shops and natural dye labs through her company Embodied Weaving. She seeks to integrate her passions and skills to better serve in the world. Her textile work is woven, knitted, knotted, naturally dyed, hand sewn, and made with love.

About Rachael Kinsey:

Rachael Kinsey is a jewelry designer, yoga instructor, and creative creatrix behind Crafted Outpost. She currently hosts mindful events and workshops for adults and children to tap into their own magic through art & yoga with the support of community and the natural world. She curates Crafted Outpost with handmade products from 40+ local makers who have the same intention in mind - if we take care of Mother Nature and our community, we will thrive.


Rachael and Rachael began co-leading craft + yoga sessions 5 years ago with a kid’s summer camp. They have since enjoyed many more and have seen the community widen and deepen. The abundance of creativity is contagious! Come join us to light a fire in yourself!