Sunday, March 31st
At terra sol sanctuary - 507 Castle St. 
 - 9pm 
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Restorative yoga with rachael kinsey + sound journey with luke leuterio + thai massage assist with Rachael Crawford 

At: Terra Sol Sanctuary 507 Castle St.

Time: 7:30-9pm

  Eclipse season often brings an increase in the intensity of the energy swirling around us. As the sun, moon and earth align every six months, the cosmic forces gather to expand consciousness, expedite grow, and restore harmony where life has come out of balance.

Luke Leuterio will lead a sound bath using various tools, such as the angle harps, didgiridoo, crystal bowls, and vocals to quiet the mind and put you into a state of deep rest. The sound bath is accompanied by gentle, restorative yoga postures led by Rachael Kinsey to ground and attune the physical body, while cleansing and releasing what no longer serves in the energetic and emotional body in which you’ll be completely supported by props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc.) and held for long periods of time to promote relaxation.

 In addition to these enriching practices, immerse yourself in the healing embrace of Thai massage assist with Rachael Crawford, for an out of this world blissful experience!