Mother Rites of Passage

An intentionally designed space with rituals that infuse the energy of the elements to nurture and empower the mother-to-be as she consciously and confidently enters into her new role.

What is the Mother
Rite of Passage?

Rites of passage are cultural or traditional rituals or ceremonies that mark a significant transition or milestone in an individual's life. These ceremonies are meant to signify a person's growth, maturity, and readiness to take on new roles or responsibilities within their society or community.

Meet Your Guides

Rachael Kinsey

Rachael Kinsey’s passion for art began as a young child evolving into a career after graduating Art School. Pursuing careers throughout the country in visual merchandising, event + floral design, interior design, and running her own jewelry design business, Rachael Kinsey Designs. After birthing her son Kyuss and going through a divorce she moved back east to raise her son Kyuss to consciously transition into this new stage. This transition led Rachael to further her yoga education at the Asheville Yoga Center in 2016. This sacred and life changing experience lifted the veil to the mystery of life, unlocked through breath work, asana, and sacred rituals where she could safely be held and supported in a nurturing container.

More About Rachael

She merged together all of her passions and experiences in 2020 when she opened the Crafted Outpost, a brick and Mortar in Wilmington, NC’s Cargo District where she currently hosts mindful events and workshops for adults and children to tap into their own magic through art & yoga with the support of community and the natural world. She curates the shop with handmade products from 40+ local makers who have the same intention in mind - if we take care of Mother Nature and our community, we will thrive.

Jackie DeConti

As a lover of many things, Jackie DeConti is the host of Elixir Podcast, founder of Madre & The Muse, co-founder of Terra Sol Sanctuary, and songwriter/musician in the Wilmington-based duo, Local Honey. Her offerings weave in mindfulness and playfulness through a variety of experiential modalities. As an Ayurvedic lifestyle guide, Jackie works within the realms of feminine-form Ayurveda to inspire and empower with ancient wisdom for the modern world. With a multifaceted background in education, yoga, art, and music, she offers one-on-one consultations, private and public workshops, and yoga teacher trainings. 

Words from Those Who Went Before


"I will always remember my maiden rite of passage as a defining moment in my life. As a young woman, I was seeking a deeper connection to my own identity and purpose, and the rite of passage offered me the opportunity to explore these questions in a powerful way."

— Sarah E.


"Through a series of ceremonies and rituals, I was guided through a process of releasing old patterns and beliefs that no longer served me, and embracing new ways of being that aligned with my true self."

— Eliza H.