Thermal Defense


A beautiful Brazilian blend of ethically sourced Maracuja (passion fruit), Brazil Nut, Buriti Oil, and Burdock Root makes for a lightweight formula that provides optimum thermal defense and UV protection, all while smoothing, adding shine and nourishing even the most troubled hair. This humidity resistant formula keeps hair lustrous and sleek for the entire day and dramatically reduces drying time. Notes of Brazilian Rosewood, Amazon Patchouli, Açaí Berry, Priprioca and Amazon Lemon makes up a delightful scent that will leave your hair feeling fresh until your next shampoo.


With Certified Organic Extracts, Sulfate and Paraben-free, vegan formula, cruelty-free Glass Bottle


Label: FDA approved, 100% recyclable and degradable, free from the use of trees, water and bleach, made from calcium carbonate


Please Recycle.


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