9/21 Adult Craft Camp: DIY Dried Flower and Crystal Candles with Hawthorn and Oak and Rachael Kinsey


Taking care of your own needs fosters inner knowing: including knowing when to pause, rest, and do nothing. In this special Self-Love guided meditation and intention setting exercise we’ll find our quiet beating pulse of love. Afterwards we’ll ignite our creative flames with Hawthorn + Oak. They will guide you through making beautiful self love candles made with soy wax, essential oils, herbs and flowers, and a crystal. Choose from a 6oz mason jar or bring in a 6 oz vessel from home! Do you have a vintage tea cup, used candle vessel, or family heirloom you'd like to recycle? Bring one in and save $5 on your ticket! You will have the option to choose from different essential oil blends that we have specially tailored to promote a positive self-image, independence, and boost self esteem. An array of dried herbs, flowers, and crystals will be available to adorn your candle if called to do. 

When we take good care of ourselves and each other we know we are loved. When we offer ourselves a practice of Self-Love we are also offering it to the world. And this creates more Love, Beauty, and Belief in which we can create and abide in this world. 

We look forward to creating beauty with YOU! 


6:30-8:30 at the Crafted Outpost: 1605 Queen Street Unit 109 

$45 ticket includes all supplies / $40 ticket if you bring your own vessel 

Complimentary tea from Sacred Wild provided.