3/20 Spring Equinox Playshop at Maven Monroe in the Cargo District



This Spring Equinox 

Welcome spring with rituals to awaken Mother Nature within as we shift to balanced attention of light and dark:
yoga ~ tea ceremony - candle making. Enter a journey through your senses at the gorgeous Maven Monroe just steps away from Crafted Outpost in the Cargo District. 

6pm: opening ceremony. Prepare yourself for nourishing growth with equally challenging and soothing yoga practice. We will sit with our gifts and our shadows to create reintegration and welcome our wholeness. Reconnect to your essence through asana, breath, play and creative flow. Mantra and mudra will be included. 

For the tea ceremony, we will join in a meditation circle as Kristy Pace, from Sacred Wild Roots, guides us deeper into our breath, body and energy centers to open & connect with the Plant Spirit of Nettles, an ancient supreme plant and traditional superfood. As you sip and drink an overnight infusion of this nourishing herb, you will be guided to commune with the plant to receive its healing energies and wisdom, communicated in various subtle ways throughout the body. The tea ceremony will conclude with prayers of gratitude, followed by a brief overview of the plants herbal actions, energetics & medicinal properties. 

To round out the night, join Hawthorn and Oak for a special candle pouring for the equinox. We will walk through the basics of candle making, intention setting, and then spend time selecting crystals and herbs that align with each participant's intention. The candle will be the physical embodiment of your Spring intentions.

complimentary truffles from SUPERFREE- a highly intentional, all things ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, activated and adaptogenic clean food service provider. In addition to being 100% plant based all of our goods are gluten free, soy and corn free, refined sweetener free, full of antioxidants, potent high quality fats, and all around anti-inflammatory properties.

Maven Monroe address: 511 S 16th St, Wilmington, NC 28401


3 hour full spring equinox experience: $68 if purchased before